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Theatre33's Pizza and Dessert Buffet Pizza image

Date: Friday, October 1

Time: 4-7 pm

Where: HS Cafe

Price: $8.00 ALL YOU CAN EAT! (Primary & PreSchool - $3.00)

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Charger Moment - Meet Fran Lortie

Fran Lortie is one of our senior bus drivers currently entering her 25th year driving. She is now transporting 2nd generation students and continues to love her job. We are blessed to have Fran  behind the wheel.

Fran Lortie


Food Shortages

We want to communicate to you about challenges that our food service department has been facing, as well as many other school districts in Indiana. 

West Noble is experiencing a food supply shortage from our vendor supply chains. This is affecting our day-to-day menu options for students and staff. Our menus are subject to change daily.

Our kitchens will always feed your child a nutritious breakfast and lunch. We are not out of food, we are just out of favorite options, and unfortunately, many are the ones we know your child may look forward to eating. 

Please be patient with us during this struggle.

Thank you

Debbie Rodriguez, WNSC Food Service Director

Published: September 16, 2021


Emily Clouse

21-22 Math Curricular Materials Adoption Committee

During the 2021-2022 school year, West Noble School Corporation will adopt new curricular materials for math, K-12.  Every six years, a curricular materials adoption committee made up of teachers and parents, examines Indiana Academic Standards, helps select curricular materials for adoption, and works with teachers to align instructional maps with state standards.  If you are interested in participating in the 2021-2022 Math Curricular Materials Adoption Committee, please complete the Google Form, https://forms.gle/zqNQ9K6VNAVJbY7P9,  by September 24, 2021.  A list of responsibilities of committee members is listed below.