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West Noble School Corporation 

School Bus Transportation Guide


This guide contains information about bus stops, activity shuttles, weather related school closing and delays.  Please keep this guide for future reference.

Activity Buses:

Buses will leave WN Middle School at 5:20 pm and WN High School at 5:30 pm

Stops will be:

Bus 44 Always First Bus In Line Up                                                  Bus 56 Always Second Bus in Line Up

Bus 44 - Kimmell - Foster's Garage                                                     Bus 56 - Martin Pines

Bus 44 - Stone Ridge Entrance                                                            Bus 56 - Martin and College

Bus 44 - Cromwell - Orange Street                                                     Bus 56 - Eagle's Nest Estates - Office

Bus 44 - Washington Center Community Building                          Bus 56 - Wawaka Post Office

                                                                                                                 Bus 56 - Cosperville Church

Bus 25 Always Third Bus In Line Up                                               Bus 32 Always Fourth Bus in Line Up

Bus 25 - Copper Ridge Mobile Home Park (Pettits)                        Bus 32 - Ligonier Telephone Company

Bus 25 - Townline and Second                                                           Bus 32 - Miller and Cavin

Bus 25 - Fashion Manor                                                                       Bus 32 - Miller and Main

Bus 25 - Primary                                                                                   Bus 32 - Ligonier Library

                                                                                                                Bus 32 - Fourth and Grand

School Delays, Cancellations, or Early Closing:

If, in the case of severe weather, etc., school is delayed, cancelled, or closed early the announcement will be made over WOWO 1190 AM; WBCL 90.3 radio stations and WNDU 16, WPTA 21, WANE TV 15, WFFT 55 Television stations.  School delays or cancellations will also be posted on SCHOOLMESSENGER and REMIND.

For additional information for School Delays, Cancellations or Early Closings; Click Here

Parents needing school bus transportation are strongly encouraged to complete the online registration by August 8th in order to ensure their child is added to a route by the first day of school. Anything completed after that day could result in a delay to the start of their busing until after the school year has already begun. Thank you for your understanding in helping us to provide safe and reliable transportation for all our students. Questions: Brandon Chordas 260 894-3191 ext. 5036 or Loreen Lemon 260 894-3191 ext. 5038

Bus Routes available online - To find your student(s) bus number along with the designated stop location, pick-up and drop-off time for your student(s) for the 2022-2023 school year check-out West Noble Schools Infofinder i (sometime after August 8th).   All you need is your street address. Dual transportation will continue this year.

Proper procedures for safely crossing the street for boarding and exiting the bus.

Bus Rules for 2022-2023

For questions concerning bus transportation contact:

  • Brandon Chordas, Director of Transportation and School Safety - 260.894.3191 ext. 5036
  • Loreen Lemon, Assistant Transportation Director - 260.894.3191 ext. 5038