Theatre33 to present "One Wife Too Many"

One Wife too Many

Theatre33 is putting the final touches on the set for the fall production of “One Wife Too Many” by Tony Howell, to be performed Friday and Saturday, September 28 and 29 at 7:00 PM and Sunday, September 30 at 2:00 PM. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for students and senior citizens. There is general seating, and the box office opens one hour before the performance.

“One Wife Too Many” is written by Central Noble High School Teacher and Central Noble Theatre Company Director, Tony  Howell. He has eight plays published with Eldridge Publishing Company and is always writing more. Theatre33 has performed four of Tony Howell’s plays: “Cases of Mistaken Identity” in 2016, “El Fantismo! (Pirates)” 2003 and “Those Wild West Women” in 1999.   Howell’s plays are great comedies, perfect for high schools. They have large casts with many substantial parts, as well as great opportunities for hilarious characters.

“One Wife too Many” is a comedy about a television star named James Holden, played by senior, Jeremy Phillips.

Throughout the play, three women appear at James’ doorstep,  all of which are his wives, including his first wife, Velvet Taylor who everyone thought was killed in an avalanche, played by senior Madi Storms.  All of this occurs while he is on his honeymoon with his newest wife, Alicia played by senior, Lexi Baker.

Not only does James need to juggle his four wives, but he has to audition his TV wife. As if that isn’t enough, he also has to handle a mobster and his henchmen.

Come watch Theatre33’s production to see how James resolves this situation with “One Wife Too Many.” by Tony Howell


Cast and Crew List - One Wife Too Many



James Holden … Jeremy Phillips

Hank Ford … Isaac Porter

Lance Conroy … Isaac Coats

Max Malone … Richard Stump

Monster … Isa Roque

Weasel … Xander Warren

Velvet Taylor Holden … Madi Storms

Phoebe King Holden Conroy … Stephanie Mendoza

Rita Cooper Holden  … Lira Eicher

Alicia Winters Holden … Lexi Baker

Mitzi Mason … Josie Diehm

Sally Fox … Jenny Lopez

Pepper Newton … Ashley Sprague

Ebony Iverson … America Solis

Angel Saunders … Emily Clouse

Lane Lawson … Taylor Shoemaker

Kelly Wilson … Kayley Williamson

Morgan Reade: Misty Hernandez

Alex Stanford … Uma Bair

Sidney Hightower … Madison Lazar

Ollie Jones  … Shui Sheeley



Emma Wilkins … Stage Manager

Ryan Stump … Tech Director

RIchard Stump … Set Design

Megan Saggars - Props

Hannah Chambers

Danielle Blackshire

Kiki Lord-Miller

Ethan Wilkins

Makayla Hale


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