Schoolwide Free Meals to End

Starting July 01, 2022, meals will no longer be free to all students. If the USDA extends the waivers to allow schoolwide free meals next school year, we will notify families. Additional information.

Meal prices for 2022-2023

Building Breakfast Lunch
West Noble Primary - WNP $1.35 $2.40
West Noble Elementary - WNE $1.35 $2.40
West Noble Middle School - WNMS $1.60 $3.00
West Noble High School - WNHS $1.60 $3.00
Adults $2.50 $4.60
Reduced Meals $ .30 $ .40
Milk (Extra or in addition to carrying your lunch) $ .40 $ .40
All ala carte items are full price. WNMS & WNHS    
No charging of ala carte items    

Meal money can be paid online (RevTrak) or sent in with your student in a lunch envelope. WNHS and WNMS have a deposit box outside the office for envelopes. WNE and WNP students turn meal money, in a lunch envelope, to their teacher.

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