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My plate guide to School Lunches Healthier School Lunches

Whether your child takes a packed lunch or purchases a meal card for cafeteria lunches, it's important that she consume a healthy meal while away from home. Proper nutrition is essential to a growing child's development, and each student deserves a choice of foods that are not only appealing but also good for their bodies.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in five children between the ages of 6 and 19 suffers from obesity. Ensuring that students consume a healthier lunch is the best way to combat this statistic.

Healthy foods contain nutrients that feed a student's brain and alloPicture of fruits and vegetableswing him to perform better in school. A study from UC Berkeley published in 2017 confirmed this, showing that the schools holding contracts with healthier school-lunch vendors had students that performed better on state tests than those who served less healthy lunches.

When you do something for a long period of time, it eventually becomes a habit. This is true for students as well. Being provided healthy lunches at school while growing up can help build good eating habits for the future. Once teens graduate, they will have regularly consumed, over the course of several years, a well-balanced meal that fueled their bodies and contributed to better health. As a result, it will be much easier for them to continue making wise food choices when heading off to college.



If your child has a food allergy we will try to accommodate them. A signed doctor's statement for the current year stating the allergy and recommendations for altering meals must be on file in the food service office the building the child attends.


West Noble High School - Ala Carte items at the high school are FULL PRICE for everyone and may be paid by cash or money in their lunch account. NO CHARGING OF ALA CARTE ITEMS.

  • $2.60 per lunch meal
  • $1.50 per breakfast meal
  • 30¢ per extra milk


  • $3.50 per lunch meal
  • $2.00 per breakfast meal
  • 30¢ per extra milk


  • Breakfast is a complete meal - no choices or ala carte items are available.
  • If eating breakfast, be sure there is enough money in the account for both breakfast and lunch.
  • A parent, or a student, may request an account balance at any time.
  • Parent FAQ concerning 'Offer vs. Serve'.


West Noble uses K12PaymentCenter for meal and textbook rental payments. If you prefer, cash or check may be sent in with your child(ren) for meals. Be sure to use an envelope and label with the student's name and the building they attend.

To create an account and make a payment go to To register for an account, you will need your student's ID number. If you do not have this number you may obtain it from your student's school. 

If you have questions please call Debbie Rodriguez, 1-800-488-3191 ext. 5035 


Applications and instructions are located under Food Service. Food Service is located on the drop-down menu under Departments, located on the red bar near the top. If a student packs a lunch and would like a milk, the cost is 30 cents.


  • Lori Shrock, Manager
    • email:
    • phone: 800.488.3191 ext 3035
  • Patricia Campbell
  • Dorothy (Dot) McFarren
  • Janet Pinkerton
  • Tara Yoder
  • Marlene Jones
  • Sherise DeLong
  • Leah Gamble
  • Jeanne Adkins

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.