Chordas playing basketball
Choir Concert grades 6-12
Choir Concert grades 6-12
Proud to be a Charger!
Proud to be a Charger!
Proud to be a Charger!
Proud to be a Charger!
Horsing Around
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Charger Moment with Ty Alles

Charger Moment with Mr. Alles

Charger alum Ty Alles is in his 9th year of teaching at WN. He has taught 1st and 2nd grades along with Title classes. Ty is currently teaching at WNP.

Ty Alles

WNHS Theatre33 Presents



Honk the Ugly Duckling


Cast includes:


  • Drake - Max Hawn
  • Ida - Maddie Lazar
  • Ugly - Carlos Valez, Jr.
  • Mauren -  Lily Kleine
  • Ducklings  Beaky, Fluff, Billy, Downy (Elementary Kids) 

Farm Animals:

  • Henrietta  - Kim Correa
  • Turkey -  Naomie Perry
  • Cat - Abi Hawn
  • Fish - Chorus & (Elementary Kids) 


  • Greylag - Max Hawn
  • Dot - Uma Bair 
  • Snowy  -  Lily Kleine
  • Barnacles - Jaden Sweet
  • Pinkfoot - Payton Sizemore


  • Penny (girl swan:) Payton Sizemore
  • Father Swan - Kyle Barnes
  • Mother Swan -   Uma Bair
  • Beawick- Mia Owens


  • Grace (Old Duck) - Naomi Swartzlander 
  • Queenie (Cat)  Mia Owens
  • Lowbutt (hen) - Kim Correa
  • Bullfrog - Kyle Barnes
  • Maggie Pie/ Jaybird - Emily Clouse
  • Floor Manager - Mia Owens
  • Camera Man - Jaden Sweet
  • Froglets - (Elementary Kids)
  • Farmer voice - Ethan Wilkins
  • Old Woman Voice - Graecyn Stoops
  • Kid voice #1 - ?
  • Kid Voice #2 - ?
Pandemic EBT

For complete resources and information regarding P-EBT cards, please visit this link. Addresses can be changed or new cards requested. Any questions you may have about your benefits, eligibility, issuance, or amounts, can also be found here. 

P-EBT will continue to be available as long as the Federal Public Health Emergency exists. When the Federal PHE ends, P-EBT will also end.

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