Important Dates

  • Nov 15 - End of first trimester - MS/HS (60 days)
  • Nov 25 & 26 - Thanksgiving Break / no school
  • Dec 22 through Jan 2 - Christmas Break / no school
  • Jan 3 - Staff Day / no students
  • Jan 4 - Students return to school

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General Information:

2009-2010 seniors wanting a transcript should request them through the WN Website. See link below.

Wawasee Area Career & Technical Cooperative (WACTC)

The Wawasee Area Career and Technical Cooperative is focused on equipping students for an ever-changing and increasingly competitive workplace. Participating schools include Fairfield High School, Wawasee High School, and West Noble High School. Ninth-graders should discuss enrolling in vocational courses at the first meetings with their high school counselors. Sophomores and juniors should enroll for junior- and senior-level classes during their school's regular scheduling sessions. For additional information and course offerings check out their website by clicking on the WACTC title above.

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